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This is our favorite app. It allows you to track performance over a period of time - historically and into the future.


This App calculates the Monthly profitability and performance of an account, the Model and the Indexes.


This App calculates the performance of an investment over a period of time. “If I invested $100,000 tens years ago what should it be worth today?”

myReturns Pending

This App is for investors who want to evaluate/sample the performance of multiple accounts over various time periods.

myDiary* Pending

A Diary to Record, Evaluate, Track and Rate all your Investments Contacts.

myCosts* Beta

A Cost Calculator to estimate your Commission Costs and calculate things like you Trading Activity Ratios.

* Free

Our Mission

For over 30 years we have been helping investors recover their lost money from Wall Street. Always representing the public - never Wall Street.

We have taken our decades of experience in analyzing stockbrokerage accounts and created these apps so you can understand and analyze your investments.

These Apps are not about "Investing" or "Investments" but are designed to Analyze your Investment Performance.

Everyone tells you "what to buy" but they loose track after the sale is made.

And most importantly, we compare your activity to a "Model" portfolio.

We can help you answer the critical question of "What has your Stockbroker done for you...or to you."

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Analysis Highlights

Our Apps provide a wide array of information.
The information we provide is almost never provided on brokerage statements - because they don't want you to know the truth.

Net Profits

The first step is to calculate your Profits. What was your Gain (Loss) after all your Account activity?

Rate of Return

After calculating your Profitability you need to calculate your Return. What "Percentage Change" does your Gain or Loss represent.

Model Performance

When you invest in the Market - you deserve to get that Market's Return. We do this by creating what we call your "Model."

Model Profits

You need to compare your Return the the Return of the Model. If you were up 3% but the Model was up 5% - you have suffered a 2% Loss!

Asset Allocation

When creating your Model you need to select the Allocation of Stocks and Bonds that best represents your Investment Objectives.


No one enjoys numbers, so we use Charts. Our Apps can include over a dozen simple to understand Charts that "show" your performance.


We designed the Apps to be simple and straight forward. Often only requiring three or four variables. None of the Apps should take more than a minute to complete.

Historical Tracking

It is not only important to know about your current activity, you need to track the past performance. Underperformance is the silent killer of any investment portfolio.

"what people are saying"

  • Richard

    Fantastic app! I recommend any investor use this on a regular basis to get an amazing summary of their investment performance.

  • Montgomery

    Enabling investors to monitor the performance of the investments sold to them by their advisor is a necessary tool in today’s world. It is especially powerful from the standpoint of measuring actual returns against a model of benchmarks, as arbitrators consider this comparison when deciding right from wrong

  • Maureen

    Easy to use and I am better able to track my investments. -Thank you for making something easy and understandable.

  • Steve

    I can’t think of a better way for an investor to keep informed as to how his accounts are doing.

  • Howard

    This is the one place to go to get reliable metrics on your investment performance. it has indispensable tools so you will no longer have to guess how you are doing.

  • William

    If everyone knew the results of their performance as provided by this app - there would be very few stockbrokers left in the world.

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